rethinking architectural construction

Odico’s suite of disruptive, robotic technologies is conceived to liberate the architect’s creative process, and conversely enable contractors to materialize geometrically complex visions, with no negative implications on time efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our technologies offer efficiency improvements up to 100% over existing solutions. If you are curious to learn more, this section offers deeper insights into the separate elements of our suite. 

Factory On The Fly

Mobile robotics to your construction site

Factory-On-The-Fly brings robot manufacturing directly to the construction site or to your manufacturing plant – plug it in and you are ready to go. It packs our robot technology into an easily transportable unit – compatible with standard 10 foot shipping containers – and let you control via standard iOS or Android tablets. Comfortable using a smartphone? Using robots with Factory-On-The-Fly is just as easy, and will have you flying in no time.

Factory-On-The-Fly can be configured to perform a broad range of different manufacturing tasks – from formwork production to reinforcement bending to sheet cutting, we have a solution for your production need. By automating the manufacturing of products with custom dimensions at robotic speed, Factory-On-The-Fly helps you save costs on labor-intensive processes.

Robotic Hot-wire Cutting

Robotic Hot-wire cutting (RHWC) utilizes a robotically controlled, electrically heated wire to cut through industrial foams, replicating the geometry by a given CAD-model.

The process enables us to produce complex geometry formwork for concrete casting and foam based elements for industrial applications. We can do this at a fraction of the time and cost associated with the implementation of pre-existing technologies.

Foam cut-off and used formwork can be recycled for new insulation products or formwork material, enabling a highly sustainable production cycle.

With the completion of this technology, on the back of 8 years of academic and industrial research, Odico has pioneered a global breakthrough for architectural robotics – large-scale construction application for RHWC.


Robotic Hot-blade Cutting

Robotic Hot-Blade cutting technology - Nothing less than a disruptive innovation.

Using a multi-robotic cell to control a flexible, heated blade, controlled by our unique, patent pending software solution, we are able to manipulate the shape of the blade as it cuts.

Put simply, we can achieve genuine ‘free form’, doubly curved, complex geometry at a rapid pace.

The technology was developed under the code name "BladeRunner" by Odico in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (Mechanics and Computer departments), The Danish Technological Institute, Confac A/S and 3XN Architects/GXN Innovation.

Robotic Milling

Our capacity includes a multitude of advanced, CAM-programming and simulation tools for high speed milling on seven-axis robots.

The process of integrating seven, coordinated axis, allows us to reproduce extremely complex 3D geometries, untouched by the familiar limits of standard portal milling.

This capability extends to the manufacturing of objects up to 24 meters, and a wide variety of materials, including EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), PUR (Polyurethane) foam materials, wood, and aluminum.

We are prepared to consult to provide a unique solution for your project, and our technology makes it feasible, even for small quantity production.


Abrasive Wire Cutting

Abrasive cutting is a direct-contact formwork solution.

The technology enables us to change the composite of the wire to accommodate for a variety of  materials, i.e. marble and different types of foam.

It does not cover the same range of geometric complexity as our robotic hot blade cutting technique, but in conjunction with our software solution, it represents a major leap forward, in terms of increasing production speed over conventional machining approaches 



Robotic Clay Cutting

Robotic clay cutting is an abrasive technology, which was specifically developed to function as a tool for tile production.

The injection of young technology into an old craft enables us to manufacture massive amounts of uniquely shaped tiles, which means that tile construction can be designed with full creative freedom, and no concerns for ready-made shapes and forms at hand. 

 The technology was developed in cooperation with Strøjer Tegl in Assens, Denmark.

Coating Technologies

Our specialized coating technologies have the added advantage of providing stability and impact resistance to expanded polystyrene (EPS). 

Surface treatments can be applied in a wide range of colours, and we provide textures, not just ranging from polished to coarse, but venturing into special-purpose solutions in terms of surface grip, structure etc.  


The software we run our technologies on represents one of our proudest achievements in terms of pushing tech-barriers forward.

The software allows us to convert 3D rendered geometry into coordinated, robotic movement in a matter of seconds, and consequently achieve a fabrication time about 100 times faster than old-tech solutions, such as CNC-cutting and CNC-milling.

If you have a 3D file, we can realize and rationalize your vision.